Content Moderation

Create a warm and welcoming space to protect your brand community and prioritize user well-being.

Uplift Your Community Guidelines

Boost your online presence with a dedicated team committed to putting your community guidelines and engagement rules into action. Enable a seamless omnichannel approach, ensuring consistency for customers interacting with your brand.

Protect Your Audience’s Experience

With our all-encompassing approach, you can rest easy no matter what size your community is. Our highly skilled Warriors are here to assist you in creating a trustworthy and reliable brand image.

Content Moderation Outsourcing Benefits

Our mission is to safeguard your customers, while igniting enthusiasm to engage with your brand.

User Safety Assurance

Reviewing Examining user-generated content is a challenging job, especially with the vast array of social media, gaming platforms, digital apps, live-streaming services, and online marketplaces. By implementing thoughtful moderation practices, your service can guarantee a secure and inclusive user experience for everyone.

Real-Time Community Oversight

Strong connections with your followers through active and transparent conversations on your social media platforms. This ensures that you gather insights from your customers at every interaction point.

Strong Content Filtering and Selection

We promise a thorough review of all content before delivery, ensuring your customers always get useful and pertinent information.

Still have questions?

We are here to answer your questions and get to work helping you help your customers.

We’ve successfully delivered cost-efficient solutions for numerous clients spanning various industries, including eCommerce, Banking/Fintech, SaaS, Healthcare, and beyond. Compared to the hefty investment needed for building and maintaining in-house CX teams, outsourcing to us offers proven savings. Beyond just cost, outsourcing takes the burden off your shoulders by handling time-consuming tasks like hiring, onboarding, training, QA, and innovative reporting capabilities, thereby reducing overhead for you.

We understand that one of the common worries about outsourcing is whether external teams will meet the expected standards. Our dedicated Warriors consistently leave customers enamored with our clients’ businesses. Rest assured, no agent engages with your customers until we’re confident in their thorough understanding of your company. This involves comprehensive pre-placement training covering both soft skills and hard skills. Our goal is for you to experience no distinction between your Ninjas and internal teams when collaborating with us.

Our customer success services focus on helping your business grow in a sustainable way. We take care of hiring and support, so you can use your important resources for other things. Take advantage of this by using your new capacity for developing products or services. While you focus on gaining a competitive edge, our Warriors will create great experiences for your customers. It all works together smoothly

Our customer success solutions are versatile and can be used in many situations. If you ever need them, they’re available 24/7 and can communicate in over 10 languages! To explore how they can benefit you, chat with one of our friendly Business Development Executives – it only takes 2 minutes to start building your team. As a sneak peek, here are a few areas we can assist with:

– General customer service

– Inbound sales/order entry

– Billing support

– Healthcare and Insurance

– And more!

Start building your Warrior team

Design a customized outsourcing solution designed to offer you exceptional ease and complete peace of mind. Consider it done – we’ve got your back!