Our people are people people.

Start your career with Nortec as Our Warriors.

Our team knows customer service because they are customers themselves. They are regular people – shoppers, parents, students, veterans, and small business owners. Who could understand serving a customer better than someone who is a customer too?

A fun-forward culture

We love growing, and our culture is what drives it. It’s not just a promise on a website; it’s real. We’ve created a friendly and supportive environment because we believe that positivity spreads. We grow because we’re enjoying ourselves.

Opportunities that evolve for you

Working with Nortec isn’t supposed to be flawless. In our fast-paced world, there will be obstacles and challenges. We recognize and back your individual journey toward your own goals.

A wider world of possibilities

With our worldwide presence, we’ll help you see more. Being part of a global team broadens your perspective across different time zones and languages. This means you get exposed to a broader range of cultures and learning opportunities.

We expand our growth by embracing diversity. It’s time to collaborate with a multinational company.
Our values
At Nortec, our values are our motivators.

We value our people first

We start by understanding and looking out for each other.

We stay humble

We care and stay dedicated, growing purposefully and partnering with commitment.

We Improve Daily

We keep going and never give up, always striving to get better just because we want to.

We Embrace Compassionate Candor

We think that being clear and kind are both really important.

We live joyfully

We understand that having fun is not a distraction. It's an important part of our culture.

We're happy when our clients praise us

Start building your Warriors team

Design a customized outsourcing solution designed to offer you exceptional ease and complete peace of mind. Consider it done – we’ve got your back!