Business Process Analysis

Nortec helps its clients to get an comprehensive review of their technology requirements, system inputs and outputs, reports, potential interface, process dependencies and functions that are of critical importance for the companies mission. In this way we facilitate our customers to make better decisions and help in improved implementation. It’s a two way process where Nortec and the customer indulge in interactive session to analyze and provide solutions according to customers need.


Nortec helps its clients to take Microsoft Dynamics to the next level for their organizations through customization. Keeping in view the specific needs of the clients we work with them to  take the solutions provided by Microsoft Dynamics and mould them to meet the clients requirements.

Business Intelligence
  • Good decision making requires a solid business intelligence system. Accessing and analyzing information in a time efficient way and to get the insight is of critical importance for any business, using multiple software make it even more complex.
  • Nortec provides a holistic approach to Business Intelligence services, Nortec will work with you to tailor a customized Business Intelligence solution, Nortec Business Intelligence enables organizations to implement and integrate rapidly, with reduced risk in a cost efficient way.

Nortec knows that software implementations can be extremely tiring. No matter how good the product is ; improper implementation can lead the whole system to fail. Nortec realizes that the risk of failure is high and therefore provides its customers with simpler implementation of solutions.  From selecting the solution and configuring it to match your business need, there are many variables to consider. On top of that transitioning data, re-engineering old habits, motivating your staff.

Teacher lecturing to several students, with notebooks
End-user Training

The flexibility in the training options offered by Nortec and the team of certified trainers who are experts of their fields ensure that your team will have a firm understanding of the technology demonstrated by the end of the training. This is made possible as the trainees use their company’s set up.

System Integrations

Through integrating business systems, tremendous value is realized; increased profits, improved performance, informed decision making, increased line of sight into cost coupled with the ability to connect your supply chain, your organization, and your customers help you be memorable in the eyes of your customers, more profitable and more competitive. Nortec is specialist in integrating multiple and disparate systems.