Empowers brands and organizations to deliver consistent care anytime, anywhere through a powerful combination of knowledge management, self-service and multi-channel engagement. Discover the customer support software solution brands are using to deliver productive, proactive and  personalized customer care.

  • Self-service

The Parature self-service solution combines a custom-branded, mobile-responsive support portal with a searchable   knowledge base, support ticketing, and other multichannel contact options, such as live chat, to deliver real-time answers,   increase customer satisfaction, and deflect a high volume of frequently asked questions on a lower cost.

  • Multichannel customer service

Today’s customers are spending more time than ever before online and on their mobile devices, so organizations must make   a concerted effort to be everywhere their customers are, providing multichannel customer service and faster response times   on each channel. Parature allows your organization to provide customer service across more channels without having to add   more staff.

  • Social customer service

Social Media is changing the game for customer service—not only in engagement but also in response times, capturing   customer feedback, gaining knowledge of real-time support issues, and achieving a 360-degree view of the customer.