Professional Services

Professional Services

Automation of financial, operational, resource control methods and improved decision making helps the sector to deliver high quality services. It is vital to go beyond understanding your client’s needs in a service industry, you must anticipate them. Real time data on deliverables, progress on a project, and resource allocation gives you the insight across your own business thus enabling you with the task how best to meet your client’s needs. Precise implementation of technology and specialized solutions by Nortec helps ensure success in your industry.

Being a part of the service industry our team at Nortec has the experience required to help customers in designing processes for Service Industries, combining project management, resource management, communication, and business solutions tailored to organizational needs that help reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Solutions by Microsoft Dynamics helps you manage opportunities, generate leads, estimation and bidding, increase productivity of your service team gain visibility over your operations, and project profitability as well as your resource utilization.